Wireless Colocation

Wireless colocation allows for communication carriers to partner with Ameren, licensing them to attach antennas to our infrastructure. These agreements are one of the many ways Ameren is able to partner with businesses to build stronger infrastructure and lower costs. Ameren has launched an effort to maximize the potential for colocation by partnering with Diamond Communications.


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Partner with Ameren

Ameren has deployed Diamond Communications to facilitate colocation by wireless carriers on Ameren's vertical assets, which includes a large portfolio of communication towers and transmission towers and real estate holdings.

For inquiries regarding colocation on an Ameren property, specific site information, or any other questions related to Ameren’s partnership with Diamond, please contact Dan Turnpaugh, Diamond’s Vice President of Site Management at (973) 735-6622 or dturnpaugh@diamondcomm.com.



Faster Speed-to-Market

Properly resourced and dedicated Diamond and Ameren teams continually work together to shorten approval times.

  • Ameren utility locations have favorable zoning and permitting regulations
  • Top carrier contractors are approved to work on Ameren communication towers

Benefits to Ameren Customers

  • Recurring revenue goes into the rate base, which offsets utility operations and maintenance expense for Ameren's customers.
  • The general public sentiment is to rein in the ever increasing pressure to build new communication towers through colocation of multiple attachments on each tower.
  • Colocation spreads the cost of tower construction and maintenance across multiple attachments, reducing the overall cost of wireless infrastructure for the benefit of everyone.
  • Improved wireless coverage/service


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