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Illinois CPWG standards and version control process

This Change Control process accomplishes the objective of an established Change Control process that accommodates changes within the Illinois Communications Protocol Working Group (CPWG) standards.

Illinois CPWG standards may be expanded and modified to accommodate market or regulatory requirements on an ongoing basis. Change Control provides market participants a process to modify, test and implement changes in an efficient, effective, timely, and well-coordinated manner. This Change Control document provides the process by which changes to the standards may be discussed, reviewed, accepted and implemented.

The Illinois CPWG with support from the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) maintains, publishes, and posts the standards and the ongoing modifications/enhancements to these standards on the Illinois CPWG website.

The Illinois CPWG notifies each market participant – via postings to the Illinois CPWG List Server – of anticipated modifications or enhancements and timing.

A consolidated new release of the Illinois CPWG standards is published electronically as needed. The Illinois CPWG will ensure any approved Change Requests are included in a redlined document which will be updated and posted to the Illinois CPWG website within one month of approval. It is the intent of the ICC and Illinois CPWG to have any new request comply with the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) guidelines as the industry and the data standards evolve.

When new modifications and/or enhancements are introduced to the group, the proponent of said modification/enhancement should strive to build consensus for the change among all Illinois CPWG participants.

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