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Employee Safety

Safety is one of our company’s core values – one that we never compromise. Ameren’s safety-first culture strives to limit the risk of unsafe events both at work and home.

Every Ameren co-worker is expected to be fully engaged and committed to protecting themselves and those around them. We’re proud that our employees consistently rank employee safety highest on our annual co-worker engagement survey.

Ameren’s Safety Performance At-a-Glance

Lost Workday Away are down 24% from 2013 to 2020

Highest-scoring item on 2020 co-worker engagement survey

Approximately 65% of workforce transitioned to remote working in March, 2020

Health and Safety Programs

Ameren adheres to comprehensive employee safety standards and conducts mandatory health and safety training programs.

Ameren also has a company-wide co-worker to co-worker safety interaction program (c2c). This c2c program encourages and prepares co-workers to have meaningful two-way conversation when observing an at-risk behavior or condition and/or giving positive feedback on an observed safe behavior or condition. The c2c program is designed to improve the quality of interactions between co-workers, increase and reinforce safe behaviors across Ameren, and drive our safety-first culture. We reinforce the importance of c2c interactions by measuring and monitoring c2cs as part of our performance management process.

Ameren also supports the health and safety of our employees with a comprehensive and cost-effective benefit program.

Ameren’s commitment to safety includes providing customers with information on electrical, natural gas and extreme weather safety.

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