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Sustainable Growth

Ameren is looking to the future and preparing the energy grid to be both cleaner and more reliable while maintaining affordable service. Multiple initiatives are targeted to contribute to the company's, and the region's, future growth. These initiatives, and working with other leaders in the region, are aimed at building a region attractive to further investment and development. Growing and adapting how we provide energy is an important part of our sustainability commitment, helping us deliver superior and sustainable long-term value to our customers, the communities we serve, our shareholders and the environment.

Our Sustainable Growth Efforts


Ameren Transmission is dedicated to developing transmission infrastructure investments throughout the nation. We have a proven track record of planning, constructing and safely operating over eight thousand transmission miles across a variety of energy markets. We’ve had tremendous success developing and building transmission projects that deliver clean, affordable and reliable energy to communities across the Midwest. Building on that success, Ameren Transmission is exploring opportunities to develop projects that will enhance reliability, improve system performance and increase access to more diverse generation sources for customers across the country.
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Economic Development

When we think about sustainable growth, we also are focusing on the growth of our region. Ameren is invested in supporting the local economy through programs and services for businesses. The team’s customized, collaborative approach to identifying customer needs, along with rate incentives that are among the strongest in the country, are key ways we attract new business to our service territory or encourage those here to expand their footprint.

Access to sites, accelerated speed to market, reliability, and affordability make doing business in the Ameren Illinois and Ameren Missouri service territory a smart choice.

Our Economic Development Programs


We’re driving carbon emissions reductions by investing in the infrastructure needed to enable electric vehicle adoption and easier access to electric building options.

EV Infrastructure

Grid Investment and Modernization

Our strong sustainable growth proposition is driven by a robust pipeline of investment opportunities of over $49 billion over the next decade that will deliver significant value to all our stakeholders and make our energy grid stronger, smarter and cleaner.

Our Smart Energy Plan

Customer Affordability

Ameren customers rely on us for safe, reliable and affordable energy. As Ameren invests in infrastructure improvements aimed at improving safety and reliability, as well as the clean energy transition, we are committed to managing costs to continue to keep customers' electric and gas bills affordable. We are focused on reducing business process costs through the implementation of new technologies and improving efficiencies across the company.
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