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Get a Head Start with Missouri Certified Sites

When selecting and planning a new site for business development in Missouri, a smart way to minimize risk is to consider Missouri Certified Sites.

Missouri Certified Sites are locations that have been thoroughly assessed by a standardized process that allows prospective buyers and site development consultants to review in-depth, consistent information sets to guide further consideration for purchase and development.

Factors included in the site certification process include environmental considerations, potential site development costs, availability of utilities, access to the site and conformance with local land use regulations.

What Specifically Defines a Missouri Certified Site?

According to the Missouri Department of Economic Development, “a Missouri Certified Site is a land site that:

  • which a local government or locally recognized economic development organization or private/property developer has completed a compilation of required data specific to the Site, submitted such data to the Program Sponsors, and has certified the accuracy of such data;
  • which parcel(s) total 25 contiguous acres or more in size, are controlled by one entity;
  • is primarily to be marketed by the community and/or local economic development organization for business recruitment or business expansion;
  • is not intended for retail;
  • contains at a minimum 6” water main, sanitary system, planned storm sewer commitment, and 3-phase electric infrastructure available to the property line of the Site;
  • has been cleared of dense forestation and underbrush, any buildings, has no bodies of water, and is reasonably flat to the extent adequate developable space is available without excessive cut and fill effort;
  • is listed on Missouri Location One (LOIS) with complete and current community information or electronic application materials attached to the site page on LOIS; and
  • has achieved recognition and Certification from the Program Sponsors."

Site Certification Encourages Economic Growth

When a potential site’s characteristics are documented through the certification process, it becomes more attractive to prospective developers and site selection consultants. Certification also gives communities or economic development agencies confidence in the marketability of an individual site, business park or industrial park that they own or represent.

In fact, one in five sites that have been developed in the state are Missouri Site Certified.

Since 2016, sites that have been certified in the state of Missouri have:

  • Generated over 150 requests for information and 50 site visits from certified site selection consultants.
  • Created nearly 450 new jobs
  • Spurred more than $250 million in new investments

How the Certification Process Works

Local governments, recognized economic development organizations and private sector developers are all eligible to apply for certification of a site. The process includes data gathering, application and review by the Missouri Certified Sites Technical Review Committee for completeness and conformance with standards. Successful applications are issued a Missouri Certified Site certification that is valid for three years.

Businesses Benefit from Risk Reduction and Speed

From site planning through construction and beyond, a Missouri Certified Site reduces risks for the business developing it – and for all other stakeholders. The certification process eliminates uncertainties about the suitability of the site for the intended use, local and state regulations, access to utilities and transportation, and more. It also provides assurance to all parties that will be involved in development that costly and unforeseen delays are much less likely to occur. The planning process, site preparation, construction, connections to utilities, inspections and final approvals are all much more likely to go according to plan and without significant delays. Ultimately, businesses can get up and running and generating income faster.

Community Benefits

Entire communities can benefit from the attraction of new business. All customers benefit from the attraction of new business and jobs to the area by helping spread fixed costs of doing business across a broad customer base, resulting in greater customer affordability.

Whether you’re a site selection consultant working for a business or operating independently, or a corporate real estate executive, having the confidence of starting with a certified site can jump start your search.

To find competitive industrial sites, parks and buildings that are truly market ready, you can find information on a number of Missouri Certified Sites on Ameren Missouri’s website.

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