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Municipalities & Communities

Business and Community Relations Department

The goal of the Business and Community Relations department is to utilize various ways in which to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships within the communities we serve. 

We are building loyalty and goodwill by keeping abreast of the important issues in the communities, by maintaining a consistent open line of communication with the municipal officials, whether they are mayors, board of aldermen or county councilmen. 

Business and Community Relations Coordinators

Business and community relations coordinators serve as the initial point of contact for the 91 municipalities that Ameren Missouri serves. They develop relationships with the municipal mayors, the county council and board of aldermen. They also work closely with the community leaders to identify community concerns. 

Business and community relations coordinators are actively involved in our communities. They attend community events, town hall meetings and share information including energy efficiency and remaining safe around electricity. They utilize literature that directly impacts the customers' bottom line. 


To encourage municipalities, community leaders and organizations to act as the conduit to keep the community informed, we offer a wide range of information and the professionals to deliver it. Direct any questions to Business Community Relations.

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