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Working 24/7 to make sure when you flip the switch, your power is there.


The people at Ameren Missouri are dedicated to providing the reliable energy you count on every day.

From trucks rolling through neighborhoods to monitoring the grid back at our facilities, Ameren Missouri co-workers are connected to our communities, providing the reliable energy customers count on every day.

For Ameren Missouri, reliable energy is personal. Our co-workers are the names and source behind the energy our communities depend on.

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Storm Hardening-Composite Poles

  We're constantly exploring innovative ways to improve reliability during severe weather. One of the improvements includes installing composite poles that are two times stronger than our largest wood poles making energy infrastructure in rural communities even more secure. We're strategically placing the composite poles to harden the system against straight line winds and absorb much of the impact to keep wooden poles from snapping and cascading which means less repair time is needed to restore service. Learn more about storm hardening.

Smart Grid Technology

  We're installing smart grid technology to improve reliability throughout the community. Among the new technology are Intellirupters, which can detect an outage on the energy delivery system and automatically reroute power quickly to restore service, sometimes in minutes, before our crews even arrive and make repairs. A smarter system is a more reliable system which means the power will be there when you need it. Learn more about smart grid technology.  

Substation Upgrades

  Part of our dedicated plan to provide reliable energy you can count on includes replacing our aging substations with new state of the art substations built with smart technology. In some communities, new substations are being installed to meet their growing economic development needs. Learn more about substation upgrades.

Downtown St. Louis Improvements


Our underground infrastructure is no exception to our vast plan to improve reliability for all of our customers. We're investing approximately $25M in 2018 to install modern facilities and smart technology in downtown St. Louis. There are more than 15 major projects currently under construction including approximately 100 manhole and vault repairs or replacements, thousands of feet of new underground pathways to allow for future power supplies, and miles of new cable to improve service reliability in Downtown area. Learn more about the downtown upgrades.

Natural Gas Infrastructure

  To ensure the energy you need is always safe and reliable, we are replacing our aging gas infrastructure with polyethylene pipe. It's flexible, lasts longer and doesn't rust or corrode. We're also attaching a sensor wire to each pipe so we're able to determine a precise location if needed. In some communities larger gas mains are being installed to meet their growing economic development needs. Learn more about gas infrastructure upgrades.

Did you know?
  • On average, an Ameren Missouri customer experiences fewer than one outage a year. 
  • Our focus on reliability has placed us in the top 25% among utilities in the U.S. 
  • Our electric rates are 19% below the Midwest average and 20% below the national average. 

Quantum Weather
Advanced weather monitoring and data improves our reliability efforts across Missouri.
tree trimming
We improve reliability through our tree-trimming  and other programs. 
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