Reliability & Infrastructure

Ameren is charting the future - continuing to invest in ways that will give customers safe, reliable and renewable energy for the long term.

Stronger, Smarter, More Reliable

Ameren Illinois is hard at work putting energy to work for you.

With upgrades to the efficiency and reliability of the natural gas and electric energy system throughout our service territory, we have increased reliability by 23% and are preventing more than 6.5 million outages.

Smart Grid

We're installing smart grid technology to improve reliability throughout the community. A smarter grid reduces the frequency and duration of outages and gives our customers access to more choices for pricing options and energy efficiency tools to manage their energy use and save on their monthly bill.

Storm Hardening

As part of our revitalization plan, we are installing composite poles, animal guarding and proactive undergrounding to better withstand the impacts of severe weather. These improvements enhance the resiliency and reliability of the grid, reduce outages, speed restoration times, and save customers money.

Creating Jobs

With our infrastructure improvement plan, we will create hundreds of good jobs – providing strong career opportunities for residents in Central and Southern Illinois. Every dollar we spend on delivery system construction generates nearly two dollars of new economic activity in the communities we serve.
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