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No matter who you are or how you use your energy, we have options to help you manage it. If you're always on the go and want one less thing to remember, trying to save energy and money or just like to stay in the know, we have an offering or service that fits your lifestyle. See all of our billing and payment choices, alerts and notifications and energy efficiency programs and choose what works best for you.

Billing & Payment Options

Budget Billing

Even out your monthly payments with this free option that helps level out seasonal changes in your energy bill.
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Auto Pay

Automatically pay your bill by having your payment withdrawn from your bank account.

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Paperless Billing

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Alerts & Notifications


Ameren Alerts

Subscribe to our text or email alerts to receive payment notices, billing reminders and more. 



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Billing & Payment Notifications

Some of the billing and payment options above offer notification reminders. You can opt in to receive Paperless Billing and Budget Billing alerts.

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Energy Usage Alerts

Smart meters can give you powerful insights about your energy usage that can help you build energy-efficient habits and save money.

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Outage Notifications

Receive notifications when power may be off in your area as well as restoration updates for outages you report.

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Energy Efficiency Programs

Power Smart Pricing

Save money and energy by being smarter about how and when you use your energy.
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Multifamily Initiative

If you own or live in a multifamily property, we may be able to help save you energy and costs.
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Peak Time Rewards

Get rewarded for reducing your electricity below your personal usage baseline.
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Student Energy Education Kits

Designed to support energy education in the classroom and help families save energy, water and money, these kits make learning fun and engaging!
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