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Pick a Due Date

The flexibility to pay when it's convenient for you. 

Whether you have too many bills due at the same time or you just want to better align your due date to when you get paid, Pick A Due Date gives you more flexibility and control over your household budget and monthly bills and is available to most residential customers.

Just pick the day of the month that works best for you to pay your energy bill. Choosing your new date is easy:

Log In

Log in to your online account. 

Pick your Date

Choose the date you would like your bill to be due each month and opt in to receive reminders.


Select "Continue" to complete your sign up. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You can choose a new due date every 12 months.
If you choose the 31st, your due date will default to the first of the next month.

Pick A Due Date is available to any residential Ameren Illinois customer that is served by a smart meter (AMI or AMR).  The account must be current (no past due balance, payment agreement balance or revenue protection charges) at the time of enrollment. This program eliminates the need for a Preferred Due Date.  Additionally, the account should not be on Summary Billing or have multiple accounts associated to one premise.

To determine your eligibility, log into your online account. 

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