Residential Rates

Electric and Natural Gas Rates

The energy charges you see on your monthly energy bill statement are divided into two main categories:  Delivery and Supply.  Delivery service is what you get from Ameren Illinois – it's the cost of bringing your electricity and/or natural gas to you.  This includes construction, maintenance and improvements to the electric and natural gas distribution system, plus the employees and other services that keep the electricity and natural gas flowing. 

Supply charges, on the other hand, are the costs for the electricity and/or natural gas that comes from suppliers that send electricity or natural gas through our system to your home or business.  As a delivery company, Ameren Illinois does not profit from electric or natural gas supply charges.  These charges are passed through, dollar-for-dollar. 

In Illinois, all Ameren Illinois customers have the power to choose the company that supplies the electricity portion of their energy needs.  Non-residential customers can also choose their natural gas supplier. 

The links below provide detailed information on the rates and other tariffs Ameren Illinois has on file with the Illinois Commerce Commission.

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