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Electric vehicles are fun and exciting to drive, easy to charge and cost less to fuel and maintain.

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Learn how electric vehicles can help establish your business as a leader in sustainability and innovation.

Electrify your fleet to reduce fuel and maintenance costs.

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Save on charging with ChargeSmart.

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Incentives are available for employers, property owners and property managers.


Ameren Illinois is your electric vehicle and charging resource.


Battery vs. Plug-in Hybrid

“EV” refers to any vehicle with a plug, and can be either a battery-electric or a plug-in hybrid vehicle.

Battery EVs (BEVs) are all-electric cars fueled only by electricity. They are emission-free and have driving ranges of up to 400 miles, making them ideal for employee commutes.

Plug-in hybrid EVs (PHEVs) have both an electric motor connected to a battery and an internal combustion engine. The car runs on the energy stored in the battery and can travel additional miles on gasoline with higher fuel efficiency than conventional cars.

EVs can include e-bikes and scooters, as well as light, medium, and heavy duty equipment.

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