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To build the next-generation energy delivery system, Ameren Illinois is investing $3.5 billion over the next five years to strengthen and improve our natural gas and electric delivery system across our service territory. We're implementing advanced technology to improve reliability for our customers, as well as meet their growing needs for electric and natural gas.

Bloomington Normal

We are making core infrastructure and technology upgrades to our equipment, adding Intellirupters, replacing underground cables, installing new reclosers, building animal fencing and constructing new 34-kilovolt and 12-kilovolt power lines.
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Projects include a new distribution substation and distribution line, installing Intellirupters, spacer cables, underground cable and overhead power lines.
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Improvements include a new transformer to the Oreana substation and new Intellirupters throughout east Decatur.
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Metro East

Upgrades include Intellirupters, advanced relays and smart sensors in substations, stronger power lines, storm-hardened utility poles, and new substations.
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Improvements include storm-hardened utility poles, animal fencing, and replacement of an underground regulator station.
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Projects include overhead distribution lines and underground cables, Intellirupters, modernized substations, and a new distribution substation.
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Upgrades include replacing mechanically coupled steel pipe with a plastic polyethylene pipe that is resistant to corrosion.
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