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Smart Grid

A smart grid will outsmart outages

More and more, utility customers are becoming familiar with the term "smart grid." So what is a smart grid, and what will it mean for your Ameren Illinois electric delivery service?

We're continuing to implement projects, including:

On Your Property

Smart meters will give you more information, tools, and programs to help you better control your energy use, and alert us if your power is out sooner to restore power more promptly. By the end of 2019, 100% of our service territory will have smarter electric and natural gas meters.

On The Grid

High-tech advances, like automated switches and sensors detect and isolate outages faster improving reliability. Meanwhile, voltage optimization equipment makes sure power gets to your home or business as efficiently as possible, reducing energy waste.

On Our Facilities

Our employees must be "smart," too. We've invested $7 million in smart grid training centers so that our team is better equipped to serve you. Advances in grid and metering technology will help us pinpoint problems more precisely and gain knowledge that will help us ensure that electric and gas service is there when you need it.

Testing & Development

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