New State Energy Law

Important Information About Your Energy Service

New State Law will Change Illinois’ Energy Future

Springfield has passed a new state energy law. Find information and updates here on these changes and what they may mean for you.

Changes are coming. You may be aware that Governor Pritzker recently signed the new State Energy Law, comprehensive legislation that aims to move the state toward a cleaner energy future.

Early analysis indicates the new state law contains several provisions that we believe will be beneficial to downstate energy consumers and communities, including measures to produce more solar energy, and incentives to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles. At the same time, the total impact of the new state law is unknown, including its potential effects on energy reliability and affordability. It makes many changes to your future energy bills and creates new programs and state mandates that you may or may not direct benefit from.

You will begin seeing the impact of the new state law on your energy bills in the coming months. The new state law will continue to impact your energy bills for the next 10 years. We will continue to do our part to fight for customers in Central and Southern Illinois while delivering the reliable, affordable energy you depend on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Affordability

Clean energy is not free energy, and the new State Energy Law is expected to impact the energy bills of utility customers. Renewable projects and programs must be implemented at the lowest possible cost and keep energy prices affordable.

Energy Reliability

The transition to clean energy is important, but it will not be successful if we don't continue to invest in upgrading the electric and natural gas infrastructure and maintain our base sources of affordable power. A more modern grid – with regular inspections, preventative maintenance, storm hardening, and automation – will keep energy service reliable and pave the way for more renewable energy sources.

Economic Development + Jobs

A smart and flexible energy grid is key to attracting and retaining businesses, creating good-paying union jobs, and helping downstate communities to grow. We can help make the transition to cleaner energy by expanding the production of large-scale renewable energy, implementing policies that encourage electric vehicle adoption, and increasing energy conservation in communities of all sizes.

Fairness and Transparency

Clean energy developers and special stakeholders should be held to the high performance standards as utilities, with every project and every newly mandated program reviewed to ensure that customers are getting the benefits they are being asked to pay for.

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