Already have an Ameren.com Account?

If you already have an Ameren.com account and you haven't completed the new login experience, we encourage you to do this to before you download the new Ameren Mobile app.

The new login experience will transition you to using your email address as your UserID moving forward. It's easy to do:

Log in to Ameren.com with your original, unique UserID. If you can't remember your original UserID, just call us and we can look it up for you.

Your old password should still work during this new login process. If, however, you are prompted to change your password, it is because your old password does not meet our new password requirements. Once you change your password, you will proceed through the initial log in screens. To save your changes, the system will ask you to log out and log back in again to continue.

Once you have completed the new login experience, your new UserID will be your email address. You will use these same credentials to log in to Ameren.com or to the new Ameren Mobile app.
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