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Security Measures

A dedicated Ameren Information Technology (IT) Security group oversees the information security needs and risks at Ameren Corporation on all fronts, internally and externally. Although no one can guarantee a transmission over the Internet is 100% secure, we are very concerned with the security of your personally identifiable information and take the following measures to protect your information:

  • Ameren uses a combination of firewalls and intrusion detection devices to protect and control Internet traffic. These devices are monitored around the clock to provide protection.
  • Ameren participates in external and internal security audits throughout the year.
  • Ameren actively uses security alerts, tools and patches from agencies such as SANS, ICS/US-CERT, Bugtraq, Microsoft, and others to enhance our configuration management, threat monitoring, and security patching programs.
  • Ameren uses content filtering and virus scanning software to monitor all web and email traffic. Ameren has the right, but not the duty, to monitor email for unlawful activities.
  • Ameren uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software to encrypt information transmitted over the Internet.
  • When you register to login and access your account information, Ameren uses the most secure form of encryption generally available for internet providers. The secured sections of Ameren.com use SSL and can only be viewed if your browser has 128-bit encryption.

We hope this information has helped your understand Ameren's security policies. If you have further concerns, please direct them to the Webmaster.

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