Transmission Vegetation Management
Your electricity is available on demand because of the bulk electric transportation system that routes power from generating facilities to homes and businesses. The workhorses of this system are the high-voltage transmission poles, towers and lines that span thousands of miles, linking the nation’s electrical system. New federal reliability requirements state that electrical utilities must establish a vegetation management program to ensure safety and reliability.

Why Control Vegetation On Transmission Rights-of-Way?
Safety and reliability are the driving factors behind why Ameren manages trees, and other forms of vegetation, around our transmission lines. This vegetation management work may include mowing, manual and aerial trimming, removal of vegetation and the application of environmentally-safe herbicides. The Vegetation management program is managed by the Ameren Transmission supervisors, who are certified arborists through the International Society of Arboriculture.

Maintaining Adequate Clearance And Accessibility
Trees, and other vegetation growing around transmission lines, hinder our ability to safely and reliably deliver electric service. They make the job of restoration more difficult, extend restoration times and pose additional hazards to line crews.

Because transmission lines are extremely important to the power grid, they are inspected on an annual basis. Dense stands of trees, shrubs or hedges can limit access to the right-of-way needed to perform necessary inspections or maintenance. Read about Ameren’s approach to the federal reliability requirements.

For an inspection of your tree and line situation, call:

Illinois: 800.755.5000
Missouri: 800.552.7583

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