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Pond Closures


Ameren Missouri is closing all of our legacy ash ponds. The detailed, aggressive closure plan calls for an increase in recycling for use in cement and concrete, and enhanced environmental protections, including long-term monitoring of the sites. Ameren Missouri takes this aspect of our environmental stewardship very seriously, and we dedicate significant resources toward studying water safety.

Safe Drinking and Surface Water

Since 2012, Ameren Missouri has demonstrated that our coal combustion residual (CCR) management and disposal activities do not pose an adverse risk to public health and the environment. Reports have been prepared for all of Ameren Missouri's energy centers and can be accessed here. Each of the reports holds additional useful information about the local environment.

Labadie Energy Center
        Rush Island Energy Center
Meramec Energy Center
  Sioux Energy Center


Download an information sheet about Ameren Missouri's plans and progress. 


All of Ameren Missouri's legacy ash ponds will be closed by 2023, with a majority finished by 2021. It is part of our transition to cleaner forms of energy in a responsible fashion.

Pond closure schedule for web

Proven engineering methods and technologies will enhance protection of the environment. Each basin will be covered with an impermeable barrier, ensuring no water can reach the dry material below. The top will be contoured, allowing rain water to drain off to the sides. The cap surface will be covered with grass and may support future development as a natural habitat for native pollinators. 

     CCR Dry Ash 

Meramec Energy Center Ash Basin Closure photo
At the Meramec Energy Center, two basins are already closed in 
compliance with the technical requirements of the federal CCR rule.


Ameren Missouri is stepping up efforts to increase recycling with up to 85 percent of future production put to beneficial use. CCRs can be used in the production of cement and concrete. It's likely the roads and highways you drove on today contain CCRs.


Keeping Watch

Local drinking and surface water has not been impacted by Ameren Missouri operations. Monitoring will continue throughout the project lifecycle. 


Future Handling

Work is underway now to save approximately 11 billion gallons of water a year by converting to dry ash handling methods. Not only will this save water, it will make it easier to recycle the material. Ameren Missouri has a landfill at Labadie Energy Center and a second at the Sioux Energy Center.


Energy Center CCR Information

Detailed data and information for each of Ameren Missouri's coal-fired energy centers is publicly available, providing transparency to customers and stakeholders on Ameren Missouri's operations.

Labadie Energy Center | Meramec Energy Center | Rush Island Energy Center | Sioux Energy Center 

Understanding CCRs

More information about CCRs can be found through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the Environmental Protection Agency and others


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