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Ameren Alerts

Ameren Alerts are available to customers who want to keep current on their Ameren account activities. Alerts are available for -

  • Outage Alerts*     
  • Energy Assistance Pledge Posted
  • Paperless Billing
  • Weekly Cost Summary
  • Bill Reminders
  • Cost Threshold
  • Budget Billing Adjustments
  • Usage Threshold
  • Payment Notice
  • Start & Stop Service     
  • Important Account Status Updates     
  • Weather Alerts for GDS-5 and DS-6 customers

* You can also text OUT to AMEREN (263736) to report an outage or STAT to check the status of power at your address. 

Ameren Text and Email Alerts Program Terms & Conditions


The default subscriptions are the most common type of communications requested by customers at this time.

Ameren Illinois Customers are automatically signed up for Outage Information, Bill Reminders, Credit Issues, Payment Notice, Energy Assistance Pledge Posted, and Connect and Disconnect alerts.

Ameren Missouri customers are automatically signed up for the same alerts.
If you do not want one of the defaulted subscriptions, simply de-select the checkbox for that option, click the "Save Changes" button and you will no longer receive that alert.
When you subscribe to Outage Information alerts with short code AMEREN (263736), you'll receive notifications when power may be off in your area, as well as restoration updates for outages you report. 

This alert will include messages on estimated restoration time, power restoration confirmation and the cause of the outage.
Remember – you must report the outage first to receive the restoration updates!
We recommend five; however, the system allows you to have as many as you need.
Yes, you may register for text or email alerts on multiple accounts with the same contact information (phone number or email address).
A text alert can be deleted by using your text-enabled cell phone. Send STOP to 40401.

A text or email alert can be deleted by logging into your online account, going to the Ameren Alerts section under Manage Profile Programs, selecting the alert you no longer would like to receive and switch the Cell or Email contact to the OFF position.
  You must always click the "Save Changes" button, located at the top and bottom of the page, each time you make a change to your alert options.
Alerts are offered at no charge by Ameren. Your mobile carrier or service provider may bill you for text messages received and sent. Ameren is not responsible for these charges. Before using Ameren Alerts, check with your mobile carrier or service provider for text messaging costs and plans. Please see the Terms and Conditions for more information.
To avoid missing any of the Ameren Alert messages, update your contacts on the Ameren Alerts web page with your new information. (Delete the old contact and register the new one.)

If for some reason you forget to do this, any alerts returned to Ameren will be deleted - and the contact will be deleted from the Ameren Alert system.
The Ameren Alerts are a quick way to manage your account and keep current on your account activity.

Text Commands

Start by texting REG to 81365. Use these commands to manage your alerts:

Purpose Action or Info to Provide
REG Register your cell phone for Ameren Alerts
  • Send REG to 40401
  • After response, send the 10-digit phone number associated with your Ameren account
  • After response, enter ZIP Code of Ameren account
  • You are registered for Outage Information, Bill Reminders, Credit Issues, Payment Notice, Energy Assistance Pledge Posted, and Connect and Disconnect alerts. Use SUB to subscribe to other alerts.
PAUSE Temporarily stops Outage Information alerts
  • Send PAUSE to 40401
RESUME Cancels PAUSE command; starts Outage Information alerts again
  • Send RESUME to 40401
STOP Cancel Ameren Alerts
  • Send STOP to 40401
NICK Assign a nickname for reference to your Ameren alerts
  • Send NICK to 40401
  • After response, make A your selection
  • After response, reply with nickname (max. 12 characters; no spaces or special characters can be used)
HELP Receive list of text commands for managing Ameren Alerts
  • Send HELP 40401
SUB Subscribe to additional Ameren alerts
  • Send SUB to 40401
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