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Air Quality Initiatives


Ameren has set a net-zero carbon emissions goal by 2045 across all our operations in Missouri and Illinois. We also continue to take measures to reduce all emissions at our facilities to improve air quality. We closely monitor nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and mercury (Hg). In all these areas, measured air quality is better than federal and state standards. 

Air Emissions At-a-Glance

32% reduction in carbon (CO2) emissions since 2005*

55% reduction in nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions since 2005*

67% reduction in sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions since 2005*

91% reduction in mercury (Hg) emissions since 2005*

*Based on average of past three years (2019-2021)

Air Quality Management

Our primary sources of air emissions are Ameren Missouri’s fossil-fueled energy centers. Smaller amounts of emissions can also be attributed to our natural gas and electric delivery operations. To mitigate this, we have invested in a robust infrastructure at our facilities, air scrubbers, burning low-sulfur coal and optimizing other emissions control equipment at our coal-fired energy centers.

We monitor air quality via equipment installed at our facilities. Air monitors set up near several of our facilities provide additional reassurance to customers and others. Thanks to the measures we have taken at our operations, our air emissions are well below state and federal limits.

Air Quality Reports

Ameren provides air quality reports to keep our stakeholders informed about our operations.

  • Missouri Department of Natural Resources: Hourly SO2 readings from ambient air monitors operated by the state of Missouri. Download report.
  • Public Health Consequences of Air Emissions in the St. Louis Area: A case study assessment of air quality and public health claims related to stack emissions from Ameren Missouri's fossil fuel energy centers. Download report.
  • Health Effects of SO2: A toxicologist's perspective on the health effects of sulfur dioxide. Download report.

Read more about Ameren’s air quality initiatives in our Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) climate questionnaire and our annual sustainability report in our ESG library.

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