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Integrated Resource Plan (IRP)

Ameren Missouri's Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) is a 20-year plan that supports cleaner energy in Missouri, including major expansions of solar and wind power. The IRP, which is filed every three years with the Missouri Public Service Commission, examines electric customers' projected long-term energy needs. It also describes our preferred approach to meeting those needs in a cost-effective fashion that maintains system reliability as we move to cleaner and more diverse sources of energy generation. A variety of stakeholders are involved in developing the IRP, including representatives from state agencies, consumer advocates and environmental advocates.

Ameren Missouri is accelerating the transition of our generation fleet to a cleaner and more diverse portfolio in a responsible fashion. Specifics of our plan include:

Increased Wind Generation

By 2020, Ameren Missouri plans to add at least 700 megawatts (MW) of wind generation, representing an investment of approximately $1 billion. The potential exists to add even more wind generation in the coming years as a result of improving technology and economics, as well as renewable energy initiatives with large customers. In 2014, Ameren Missouri's previous IRP had forecasted additions of 120 MW of wind generation by 2020. 

Reduced Carbon Emissions

Ameren Missouri plans to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions 35 percent by 2030, 50 percent by 2040 and 80 percent by 2050 (based on 2005 levels). This represents a significant increase from the 2014 IRP, where carbon dioxide emission reduction plans were 15 percent by 2030 and 40 percent by 2040.  

Increased Solar Generation

By 2025, Ameren Missouri plans to add 50 MW of solar generation, with a total increase of 100 MW by 2027. The 2017 plan includes a 60 percent growth in renewable generation over the 2014 plan due to the improvement in technology and economics of these cleaner energy resources

Empowering Customers

Ameren Missouri believes the cleanest and cheapest form of energy is the energy you don't have to produce in the first place. This is why the plan continues to include cost-effective customer energy efficiency programs and provides for cost-effective smart usage rewards programs to help customers better control consumption and reduce their electric bills.The plan provides for the continued development and deployment of smart grid, communications and other advanced technologies to enable new products and services and greater operational efficiencies.      

The 2017 IRP includes the planned retirement of more than half of Ameren Missouri's coal-fired generation capacity. This includes the Meramec Energy Center by the end of 2022, at which time it will be approximately 70 years old.      

We are committed to accomplishing this transition to cleaner energy in a way that is cost-effective and environmentally responsible while maintaining the reliability our customers expect.

April 2019 Update: Ameren Missouri continues to execute on the preferred resource plan presented in its 2017 IRP filing. The purpose of the 2019 IRP update (PDF) is to ensure that members of the stakeholder group have the opportunity to provide input and stay informed on planning.

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