Electric Vehicles

EVs are fun and exciting to drive, easy to charge and cost less to fuel and maintain.

Smooth Acceleration.

The benefits of driving electric don’t stop at cost savings.

Do You Own an EV?

We are seeking electric vehicle (EV) owners who want to help shape the electric future. By voluntarily sharing basic information with us, EV drivers can help develop new programs and policies. Simply fill out and submit this form, so we can learn more about your EV experience.

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Quick, smooth acceleration

More than 100 public chargers in the Greater St. Louis area

Charging options easy to find

Federal tax incentives available

300+ mile range models available

Many electric vehicle types to choose from — SUVs, sports cars and sedans

Save up to $1,200 a year in fuel and maintenance costs

Charge your car while you work, shop, eat, or sleep

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