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Osage siren.


Safety Information

Ameren never compromises on safety. That’s why we take steps with our equipment, facilities and communications processes to protect the public and our co-workers. Facility personnel conduct daily inspections of the Dam to ensure all equipment is functioning properly and the structure remains sound. A specialized team of engineers do quarterly inspections and the Dam receives an annual inspection by the federal government.

Warning Siren

A warning system is in place to alert residents and visitors of emergencies at Bagnell Dam. Three sirens along the lower Osage River cover the first 5 river miles below Bagnell Dam. The alert will be a distinct tone followed by voice instructions. These sirens signal to area residents and visitors that they should move to higher ground immediately.

If you are downstream of Bagnell Dam and hear the sirens, seek higher ground immediately. Sirens are tested at noon on the first Wednesday of the month and state “this is a test.”

Additionally, emergency response agencies and local media will be notified in the event of an emergency, as boaters on the Lake are unlikely to hear the sirens. A Dam failure would increase water current and the amount of drift debris on the Lake. Swimmers and boaters near the Dam who notice these conditions should move to shore immediately.



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