Demand Response Program

Through Ameren Missouri's Demand Response Program, businesses can earn cash incentives by reducing nonessential energy use when the grid needs it most.


What is Demand Response?

Demand response programs are a win-win for businesses and their surrounding communities. Why? Businesses participating in the program earn cash incentives by simply reducing their energy consumption temporarily in response to periods of peak demand on the grid. And when businesses reduce energy during high-demand hours, it makes energy more reliable and cost-effective for everyone.

How It Works

Commercial and industrial Ameren Missouri customers, such as manufacturers, schools, data centers, cold storage, and others can easily participate in the Demand Response Program. Our team works with you to establish an energy savings plan that includes actions like adjusting HVAC setpoints, reducing lighting, modifying production lines, or switching to backup generation during periods of high grid stress.


Demand response process.


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Program FAQs

Demand response, which provides financial payments to facilities who agree to reduce energy in response to grid signals, is gaining traction as a go-to energy management best practice for facilities across the globe.
Participating in demand response is a win-win for businesses and communities. You'll earn payments for participating in the program, and you'll also save by reducing energy during periods of high grid stress. This helps your business mitigate risk by saving for future operational, financial or environmental needs. You can also lean on this program to reinvest in better energy management tools for business. Overall program participation supports communities by reducing grid stress and lowering energy costs for all.
Work with our team of experts to create an energy reduction plan, then earn payments for participating.
These moments are call "dispatches," and you'll be notified by an SMS, email and/or phone notification. Once you receive the notification, you'll respond by reducing energy usage in accordance with your plan. After the savings event, you'll receive post-event support by our team.
Some examples of energy reduction techniques include adjusting HVAC set points, turning off non-essential lighting, modifying manufacturing equipment and dialing back pumps. Work with our team to determine what actions are the most viable for your business.
Schedule an initial consultation to see if the Demand Response Program is right for your business.
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