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Shoreline Management

Ameren Missouri is responsible for the management of land within a project boundary established for the Osage Project under provisions of our federal license provisions for the operation of Bagnell Dam and the Osage Energy Center.

Ameren Missouri's shoreline management office is responsible for implementing a Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) (PDF) to manage 1150 miles of shoreline and all lands within the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) project boundary. Ameren Missouri utilizes our SMP, permitting guidelines (PDF), and GIS Mapping to manage and ensure shoreline development can occur while protecting the scenic, recreational, environmental and historic resources of the Lake.

All proposed shoreline improvements including docks, seawalls, piers, pumps, and other structures around the Lake must be permitted by Ameren Missouri prior to construction. This ensures proposed structures do not become an environmental hazard, an obstacle to navigation, or become a threat to the safe operation of Bagnell dam and Osage energy center. Some larger and commercial developments require notification and review by additional resource agencies and FERC.

For questions, please contact our Shoreline Management office at 573.365.9212 or Lake@ameren.com.

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