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Electrical Fires

Safety Tips

  • Never use water on electrical fires, equipment or wires. Because water conducts electricity, dousing water on an electrical fire can cause the fire to intensify.
  • If an appliance is on fire, unplug it or cut the power at the control panel if possible.
  • If the fire is small, use baking soda or a multipurpose or dry chemical fire extinguisher.
  • Always have smoke alarms installed throughout your home. Check and change the batteries regularly.
  • Have fire extinguishers handy to put out small fires. Keep in an easy to access spot and away from exits.
  • Prepare and practice a home fire escape plan with your family.
  • Above all, keep your personal safety in mind, even during a small fire. Call 911 and get out of the building if the fire cannot be quickly extinguished.
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