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Ameren Alerts


Ameren Alerts are available to customers who want to keep current on their Ameren account activities. Alerts are available for -

  • Outage Information 
  • Energy Assistance Pledge Posted
  • Paperless Billing 
  • Weekly Cost Summary 
  • Bill Reminders 
  • Cost Threshold
  • Budget Billing Adjustments
  • Usage Threshold
  • Payment Notice 
  • Connect & Disconnect
  • Credit Issues
  • Weather Alerts for GDS-5 and DS-6 customers


Ameren Text and Email Alerts Program Terms & Conditions

Text Commands 

Start by texting REG to 40401. Use these commands to manage your alerts:

Command Purpose Action or Info to Provide
REG Register your cell phone for Ameren Alerts
  • Send REG to 40401
  • After response, send the 10-digit phone number associated with your Ameren account
  • After response, enter ZIP Code of Ameren account
  • You are registered for Outage Information, Bill Reminders, Credit Issues, Payment Notice, Energy Assistance Pledge Posted, and Connect and Disconnect alerts. Use SUB to subscribe to other alerts.
PAUSE Temporarily stops Outage Information alerts
  • Send PAUSE to 40401
RESUME Cancels PAUSE command; starts Outage Information alerts again
  • Send RESUME to 40401
STOP Cancel Ameren Alerts
  • Send STOP to 40401
NICK Assign a nickname for reference to your Ameren alerts
  • Send NICK to 40401
  • After response, make A your selection
  • After response, reply with nickname (max. 12 characters; no spaces or special characters can be used)
HELP Receive list of text commands for managing Ameren Alerts
  • Send HELP 40401
SUB Subscribe to additional Ameren alerts
  • Send SUB to 40401

How to Register for Email Alerts

  From the Ameren Alerts web page, you can register for alerts by email or text. Steps for registering with your email address are provided below.

How to Register for Email Alerts

How to Register for Text Alerts

   You can register for text alerts from the Ameren web page or from your text-enabled cell phone.

The process for registering from the web page is provided with the link below. See Text Commands for how to register from your text-enabled cell phone.

How to Register for Text Alerts


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