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ESG Report Library

Ameren reports on its sustainability performance following widely recognized ESG reporting standards. These reports provide our stakeholders with transparency into how we are leading the way to a more sustainable energy future. Reporting also helps us evaluate our operations and pushes us to continuously improve how we manage our commitments to our people, our communities, our environment and our business.

Sustainability Report

The 2020 report, Our Sustainability Story: Customers at the Center, offers a comprehensive view of the actions taken on key ESG matters.

EEI-AGA ESG/Sustainability

Coordinated by the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) and American Gas Association (AGA), this report follows one of the most used ESG reporting standards for utilities. Ameren piloted and participates in this voluntary industry initiative to better serve customers and investors with more uniform and consistent reporting.

Ameren Missouri
Integrated Resource Plan

The Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) is a 20-year plan that supports cleaner energy in Missouri, including major expansions of renewable solar and wind generation. The IRP, filed every three years with the Missouri Public Service Commission, describes our approach to meeting electric customers' projected long-term energy needs in a cost-effective fashion and maintains system reliability while we move to cleaner and more diverse sources of energy generation. The most recent IRP was filed in September 2020.

Sustainability Accounting
Standards Board
(SASB) Report

This report is designed to provide stakeholders with useful information regarding ESG topics.

Climate Risk Report

The report is a comprehensive look at the steps Ameren is taking to meet its obligation to provide safe, reliable and affordable energy to its customers and the communities it serves while effectively balancing climate-related risks.

Carbon Disclosure Project

Ameren has participated in this voluntary disclosure report for many years. Learn more about Ameren's environmental and risk management initiatives through our Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Questionnaires.

2020 CDP Climate Questionnaire

2020 CDP Water Questionnaire

Water Resiliency Report

This voluntary report assesses current and future availability of water resources in Ameren’s region and in the Powder River Basin, a key portion of our supply chain. The report summarizes water resource availability trends under various climate assumptions.

Responsible Management of
Coal Combustion
Residuals (CCRs)

Consistently updated information on how we safely and responsibly handle CCRs.

St. Louis Green
Business Challenge

The St. Louis Green Business Challenge encourages businesses to implement strategies to reduce energy and waste, expand sustainability programs, and reduce environmental impact.

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