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Lightning Safety

Lightning strikes the United States millions of times each year. To keep your family safe, it is important to know what actions to take during a thunderstorm.

Safety Tips

  • Listen to the forecast to know if there is a severe weather threat, and make sure you can get to a safe location if a thunderstorm develops. Remember, if you can hear thunder, you are close enough to be struck by lightning. It is a good idea to heed the advice of the National Weather Service, “When thunder roars, go indoors.”
  • There is no safe place from lightning when you are outside. Seek shelter indoors or in an enclosed metal-topped vehicle if a thunderstorm rolls in the area. A safe shelter should have a full roof, walls and a floor. Unsafe structures include covered patios, open garages, picnic shelters and tents. Unsafe vehicles include convertibles, motorcycles, golf carts and any open cab vehicle.
  • Even without a direct strike, lightning voltage can enter your home through phone lines, electrical wires, cables and plumbing. In fact, using a phone that has a cord is the leading cause of indoor lightning injuries in the U.S. Only use cordless or cell phones to make emergency calls during an electrical storm.

Learn more at SafeElectricity.org.

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