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Winter Storm Safety

Safety Tips

  • Avoid going outside and be aware of downed lines and poles if you must be outdoors.
  • Keep trees trimmed to prevent limbs and branches from falling on power lines.
  • Use a broom to keep natural gas meters and piping clear during the winter. Never use a shovel, ice chipper, pole or similar tool or even hit your natural gas meter or piping as this may damage equipment.
  • Make sure your home is properly insulated to keep temperatures warm inside.
  • Be sure to check on elderly and disabled friends and neighbors.
  • Prepare an emergency kit with supplies (flashlights, radios, batteries, non-perishable foods, water, medicines, blankets, warm clothes, etc.) to use in the event of a storm.
  • If you do lose power during a winter storm, remember the following:
    • Turn off lights and unplug electronic or large appliances to prevent damage and overloading circuits once the power is restored.
    • Keep faucets on at a drip to prevent pipes from freezing.
    • Dress warm and in layers.
    • Close doors to unused rooms in the house. 
    • Be cautious when using alternative heat sources, follow manufacture safety instructions, and keep rooms properly ventilated. 
    • Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) for electrical outlets can help prevent injuries and electrocutions when installed in areas that may be affected by melting snow or ice. You can also purchase portable GFCIs for your emergency supply kits.
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