Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Electric commercial cooking systems offer a wide range of benefits. It is the right choice for cost-to-own, equipment placement flexibility and increasing food production capacity.

A Great Recipe for Powering Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Sound Investment

Lower initial purchase price and maintenance costs for reduced total cost of ownership.


Ventless options are easier to locate, and stackable equipment increases capacity in existing floor space.

Sustainable Solution

Electric is the way to reduce emissions and lower your carbon footprint.

High Efficiency Electric Cooking Equipment Allows Potential Carbon Footprint Reductions

  Potential Carbon Reduction Per Year (12 Hour Daily Average Use)
6-Burner Electric Induction Range 45 Tons/Year
40# Electric Fryer 22.5 Tons/Year
Salamander/Broiler 14 Tons/Year
Pizza Oven 24 Tons/Year

Electric Cooking Equipment Benefits

  • Uses less energy than gas ranges
  • Much cooler operation, reducing kitchen cooling needs
  • No on-site emissions
  • Very fast control of cooking temperature
  • No need for gas line installation
  • No requirement for venting/hoods
  • Uses a magnetic field to create heat in cooking vessels
  • Very energy efficient and eligible for ENERGY STAR rebates
  • Faster recovery time to rated cooking temperature
  • Extends frying oil life
  • Easily programmable to match fast or slow periods
  • More flexible to locate: available in ventless configurations
  • Consistent and even cooking
  • Lowers ventilation requirements
  • Precise temperature control
  • Utilizes high-frequency waves and fan-driven hot air circulation
  • Radiant heat source broils product
  • No requirement for venting/hoods
  • Much more energy efficient than gas models
  • Lowers purchase price
  • Easier to locate; don’t require gas piping
  • No requirement for venting/hoods
  • Produces extremely high heat for fast cooking of food exterior
  • Do not significantly raise kitchen air temperature
  • Electric infrared models are most efficient and produce superior results
  • Electric resistance models are easiest to move
  • No need for gas piping
  • No requirement for venting/hoods
  • No hot water tank energy losses
  • About 2X longer service life than traditional heaters
  • Hot water reaches use point faster

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  • 2-3X more energy efficient than electrical resistance water heaters
  • No direct carbon emissions, lower carbon emissions overall

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  • Heats hot water as part of the HVAC system
  • Highest efficiency of all water heating systems
  • Saves roughly 55% of energy costs for water heating

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  • Ideal for high volume and institutional applications
  • Extends food shelf life with vacuum-sealed bags for longer periods of storage
  • Energy efficient water baths consume less energy and produce less heat loss
  • Increases food safety as harmful bacteria are eliminated at lower temperatures
  • Convenient and advanced food preparation that requires minimal supervision
  • Enhances flavors and textures- food retains its juices and nutrients
  • Portable Modular Equipment Design
  • Great results with precise temperature control and no overcooking
  • Commercial double oven
  • Commercial electric cooker
  • Commercial convection oven
  • Commercial grills
  • Commercial cooktops
  • Commercial pasta cookers
  • Commercial hob

Incentives and Tax Credits

There are a variety of Ameren Missouri energy efficiency incentives or federal tax credits that may be available to help offset costs to get started going electric. Consult your tax advisor for clear direction.

Additional Information

Learn more about the value of electric kitchen equipment.

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