Commercial Heat Pump Water Heating

Put electric heat pumps to work for extraordinary energy efficiency and lower emissions in your building or food service operation, and get a healthier work environment and greater sustainability for today and the future.

Why Switch to Heat Pump Water Heating

Lower Operating Costs

50% lower operating costs than conventional electric resistance water heating.

Smaller Emissions Footprint

Zero on-site emissions of CO2 or NOx, unlike on-site combustion equipment.

Healthier, Happier Staff

Does not release CO2, NOx, CO or formaldehyde and keeps workspaces cooler and employees more productive.

Can Use Renewable Energy

Electric equipment relies on utility energy that increasingly comes from renewable sources like wind and solar.

Electric Water Heating Equipment Benefits

  • The most efficient water heating technology
  • Can be two to three times more efficient than electric resistance water heaters
  • Saves roughly 55% on energy cost
  • No on-site CO2, NOx, CO or formaldehyde emissions
  • Consistent year-round performance regardless of weather
  • Energy efficient: can reduce energy use by up to 50%
  • Can be used to cool and dehumidify environments like kitchens
  • No on-site CO2, NOx, CO or formaldehyde emissions
  • Cools surrounding environment
  • No recovery time: continuous supply of hot water
  • Can reduce energy use by up to one-third
  • Compact: installation flexibility
  • Avoids heat loss in long piping runs
  • No on-site CO2, NOx, CO or formaldehyde emissions

Incentives and Tax Credits

Ameren Missouri offers cash back efficiency incentives through our BizSavers® program for heat pump water heating equipment costs. Federal and state incentives and tax credits may cover more costs. Consult your tax professional.

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