Investing In Missouri

Investing in Missouri for a Stronger and Brighter Energy Future


Ameren Missouri is working to make sure the places where you live and work have clean, reliable and resilient energy. We’re hardening the grid, replacing older power lines, strengthening poles and upgrading substations. We’re adding smart technology, including outage detection and restoration switches, as well as smart meters, allowing customers to take advantage of new rate options. And we are committed to clean energy, such as wind and solar, as an essential part of a more advanced energy grid to better serve our customers and state.

What: On March 31, 2021, Ameren Missouri filed requests with the Missouri Public Service Commission (PSC) to adjust electric and natural gas rates following significant long-term investments to bolster the state’s energy infrastructure.

When: New rates would take effect in 2022, following approval from the PSC after an 11-month review process.

Why: Ameren Missouri is focused on moving the state forward by meeting our customers’ needs and expectations for cleaner energy, greater resiliency and more reliable service. Central to recent rate adjustment filings from Ameren Missouri are major upgrades the company has made to benefit customers. We’re making electric and natural gas systems more dependable and resilient, while investing in cleaner energy as we retire our coal-fired energy centers, which are approaching their end of service following decades of efficient operation.

How Much: If approved, the average residential electric customer would pay about $12 more a month based on 1,029 kilowatt-hours of usage. The average natural gas customer would pay about $4 more per month. The new electric rate request reflects about a 5.4% total increase over a nearly five-year period, a yearly average of approximately 1%.

2021 rates graph for Missouri residents.

Working to Keep Rates Low

We’re committed to do what we can to keep rates as low as possible by spending wisely and cutting costs. Ameren Missouri residential electric rates have consistently been below the Midwest and U.S. averages since 2016. Rates are poised to remain well below the Midwest average even after the completion of the electric rate review.

Key Customer Benefits

Our customers are at the center of everything we do at Ameren Missouri. As a result of the investments we are making in our electric and natural gas infrastructure, our customers can depend on us to provide the reliable, resilient and clean energy they need now and in the future.

Our rate adjustment requests include the following:

  • Eliminating processing fees for customers paying their energy bills by credit card, saving those customers approximately $1.10-$1.85 per transaction.
  • Strengthening the grid through Ameren Missouri’s Smart Energy Plan, including infrastructure upgrades bolstering reliability and resiliency, more renewable generation, installation of smart meters, and the addition of programs to stimulate economic growth for communities across the state.
  • Investing in state-of-the-art wind generation, including the acquisition of the Missouri-based High Prairie and Atchison renewable energy centers that make Ameren Missouri the largest operator of wind generation in the state.
  • Advancing the retirement of coal-fired energy centers, while ensuring the energy system remains reliable and resilient.
  • Expanding rate options to offer choices that fit a customer’s lifestyle, thanks to how smart meters communicate with the updated grid. Customer benefits include the opportunity to save on their bill by using information from their smart meter to help shift the timing of their energy usage, quicker restoration after outages and faster connection when moving or starting service.
  • Making Ameren Missouri’s popular Community Solar program permanent allowing eligible customers to enroll up to 100% of their energy use in the program at a locked-in rate. The expanded solar program also works in step with new rate options enabled by the smart meters Ameren Missouri is installing.
  • Enhancing Ameren Missouri’s natural gas infrastructure system to increase safety, efficiency and resiliency.
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