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Community Solar

Power a Brighter Energy Future

Our customers value cleaner energy, and we do too. Community Solar is an easy way for eligible customers to accelerate the expansion of solar energy in Missouri without installing solar panels on their homes or businesses. Enroll today to choose your level of support for a new solar field. It's solar made simple!

We are pleased to announce that Ameren Missouri has filed a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN) with the Missouri Public Service Commission (PSC) requesting approval to build the third Community Solar facility. The new facility, to be called New Florence Solar Facility, will add an additional 7MW of solar power to the regional grid. This will offset the amount of coal powered energy required to maintain the grid. Construction will begin, once approved by the PSC, in the first quarter of 2025 and waitlisted customers can expect to receive renewable energy by the end of that year.

How Community Solar Works


Log in to your Online Account and enroll in Community Solar by choosing your participation level.

Hang tight! Your enrollment remains inactive until we start building the solar panel facility. The one-time $25 participation fee helps kick things off.

Building a new facility can take up to 18 months. Once it's done, your subscription will go live, and you'll start supporting solar energy generation.

Thanks to your participation, the new solar facility generates more renewable energy for you and your neighborhood.

More About the Program

Past Facility Build: The Montgomery Community Solar Center

Thanks to the support of more than 2,000 customers, the Montgomery Community Solar Center opened as the second Community Solar facility and the largest Ameren Missouri solar energy center at 5.7 MW.

The third facility is expected to generate even more solar energy thanks to customer support of our new percentage-based program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Community Solar is a simple solution for customers who want to take part in solar generation without installing solar panels on their home or business. Our program allows eligible customers to subscribe to a shared solar system that Ameren Missouri builds, maintains, and operates.
Previously, Community Solar existed as a blocks-based program (100 kWh blocks of energy). On the permanent, percentage-based program introduced in Fall 2022, customers can sign up for up to 100% of their usage (instead of the current 50% cap on the blocks-based pilot program). The previous blocks-based program will be closed to new enrollment starting in Fall 2022 but will continue for existing customers who would like to stay on it.

The blocks-based program was introduced to customers in 2018 and includes two solar facilities and has a 50% of usage enrollment cap. All future facilities will be built under the percentage-based program.

The new percentage-based Community Solar program was introduced to customers in Fall 2022. This offers customers the flexibility to enroll up to 100% of their electric usage and a lower, one-time $25 participation fee.

The estimated rate for the program is:

Residential (1M): $0.1604/kWh

Small Business (2M): $0.1479/kWh

This will be updated with the tariff-based rate prior to billing commencement.

Note: Existing Community Solar customers can continue on the blocks-based rate and will still be capped at 50% of their usage. No new enrollments will be accepted on the blocks-based program.

One great benefit of this program is that approximately 50% of the rate (the Solar Generation Rate component) is capped. This portion of the rate cannot increase once it is set in the tariff. The Facilities Rate component (the other half of the rate) is subject to change.

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