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Community Solar FAQs

Blocks-based Community Solar FAQs

Yes, you may make these adjustments anytime as a blocks-based customer through your Ameren.com online account. Please note that the blocks-based program is closed to new subscribers and will not be building any further resources. If you do request additional blocks as an existing subscriber, you'll be placed on a waitlist for blocks that are dropped by other existing subscribers.

Another option is to transition to our new percentage-based program in which we will be building new facilities.

The blocks-based program is closed to new customers. You can sign up for our new percentage-based program through your online account on Ameren.com.

New Percentage-based Community Solar FAQs

Program Basics

Community Solar is a simple solution for customers who want to take part in solar generation without installing solar panels on their home or business. Our program allows eligible customers to subscribe to a shared solar system that Ameren Missouri builds, maintains, and operates.
Previously, Community Solar existed as a blocks-based program (100 kWh blocks of energy). On the permanent, percentage-based program introduced in Fall 2022, customers can sign up for up to 100% of their usage (instead of the current 50% cap on the blocks-based pilot program). The previous blocks-based program will be closed to new enrollment starting in Fall 2022 but will continue for existing customers who would like to stay on it.

Signing up is easy. You can log in or create an account (at AmerenMissouri.com/CommunitySolar and select "Programs" from your account dashboard or call 800.552.7583.

Note: The blocks version of the program will be closed to new enrollment starting in Fall 2022 but will continue for existing customers who would like to stay on it.

The blocks-based program was introduced to customers in 2018 and includes two solar facilities and has a 50% of usage enrollment cap. All future facilities will be built under the percentage-based program.

The new percentage-based Community Solar program was introduced to customers in Fall 2022. This offers customers the flexibility to enroll up to 100% of their electric usage and a lower, one-time $25 participation fee.

Community Solar is a subscription program in which you purchase power from an Ameren Missouri solar energy center. Pure Power is a REC purchasing program through which customers support Missouri and Midwest wind farms. We are not accepting new participants in our Pure Power program; more information is available at amerenmissouri.com/PurePower.
The Community Solar program term is 25 years for each solar facility.

Program Details

The estimated rate for the program is:

Residential (1M): $0.1604/kWh

Small Business (2M): $0.1479/kWh

This will be updated with the tariff-based rate prior to billing commencement.

Note: Existing Community Solar customers can continue on the blocks-based rate and will still be capped at 50% of their usage. No new enrollments will be accepted on the blocks-based program.

One great benefit of this program is that approximately 50% of the rate (the Solar Generation Rate component) is capped. This portion of the rate cannot increase once it is set in the tariff. The Facilities Rate component (the other half of the rate) is subject to change.

Community Solar offers participants the opportunity to lock in the benefits of solar generation cost savings over time with a partial rate cap.

This partial rate cap works as follows:

  • Your Community Solar rate is made of two parts:
    • Solar Generation Charge – This covers the cost of building and generating solar energy.
    • Facilities Charge – This covers the costs of providing service to your home or business.
  • Over time, the Facilities Charge may rise due to the costs of providing service to your home.
  • The Solar Generation Charge, however, once capped can never increase.

Customers can log in to their online account to adjust or cancel their community solar subscription by going to Programs, and then selecting Community Solar. Customers can also receive assistance from the Ameren Missouri contact center at 800.552.7583.

The Community Solar unit (energy center) you subscribe to will go through a construction planning process as subscribers join the program. Once Ameren Missouri formally commits to construction, the options available change. Where the energy center is in this process determines how you can adjust your subscription:

  • Prior to construction commitment, you can adjust your percentage subscribed up or down or cancel completely with no restrictions.
  • Once construction commitment occurs, you can adjust your subscribed percentage up or down as long as you remain subscribed to a minimum of one percent.
    • If you request additional capacity and none is available, your request will be placed on a waitlist.
  • At the time of and after construction commitment, you are able to cancel your entire subscription as long as there is a person on the waiting list to take your place or if you move out of the Ameren Missouri service territory.

Your subscription is subject to a two-year enrollment commitment unless a waitlist exists that can fill your canceled subscription. You can decrease your subscription to as low as one block or 1% to meet this enrollment requirement.

If a waitlist does exist, it will take 1-2 business days for Ameren Missouri's system to process your cancelation request and unenroll you from the system. During this 1-2 day period, your account may continue to appear as enrolled at a minimum level of one block or 1% in order for Ameren Missouri's system to check on waitlist availability to fill your subscription.

When enrolling to participate in a new facility, customers pay a $25 one-time fee to support construction costs. Customers from a waitlist who are joining a facility that has already been built do not pay this fee.
Before Ameren Missouri commits to construct a facility, yes. After the commitment to construct is made, your fee is no longer refundable. Subscribers will be notified by Ameren Missouri.
The $25 participation fee is a contribution in aid of construction fee. It will be used to defray some of the costs of building the solar energy center. The construction of the Community Solar plant will not commence until there is enough participants committed to build the energy center.
One great benefit of this program is that approximately 50% of the rate (the Solar Generation Rate component) is capped. This portion of the rate cannot increase once it is set in the tariff. However, the Facilities Rate component (the other half of the rate) is subject to change.
Prior to the Community Solar energy center being committed to construction, your subscription can be cancelled or adjusted and there is no minimum participation period. Once Ameren Missouri commits to construct a new facility and you are enrolled, you are subject to a 2-year minimum participation period. You can cancel before 2 years if you move out of the service territory or if there are wait list blocks available to take your place.

Over time, due to the capped Solar Generation Rate component, you may experience a cost-savings as standard rates increase. However, currently, the indicative, estimated rate for this program is above standard rates. This means you will pay a premium to participate in Community Solar. The premium covers the costs of operating a specialized program for customers interested in up to 100% green energy that Ameren Missouri builds, maintains, and operates on behalf of participants.

If you would like more information about statement charges, visit Ameren Missouri's Understanding Your Energy Statement page.

Yes. the Subscription Percentage will be applied equally to current billing month energy usage in each off-peak/on-peak time, such that the sum of solar energy across off-peak/on-peak time periods is equal to the customer's Solar Energy Subscription.
If you move out of our service territory, you are not obligated to fulfill the contract period. If you move within our service territory, your contract will follow you to your new residence. You must submit your new address at the time of your disconnect order in order for the program to transfer with you.

Other Questions

No. Through this program, you are purchasing green energy from a community project. To be eligible for the federal tax rebate or other tax credits, you must install panels directly on your property.
Most customer-owned generation operates under Ameren Missouri's Net Metering tariff and net metering accounts are not eligible to enroll in Community Solar. However, some businesses have generation that operates under Ameren Missouri's Qualifying Facilities tariff and those accounts are allowed to participate in Community Solar.
No. The customers who subscribe to our Community Solar are paying the cost of the program.
Ameren Missouri will select a technically fit and cost-effective location within its service territory to construct Community Solar facilities. Pilot facilities exist at Lambert Airport and in Montgomery County.
A name change on the Ameren Missouri account will result in termination of the enrollment. If the name on the account changes as a result of the unfortunate event of passing away while a subscriber, (i.e., to a surviving spouse), the Community Solar enrollment will be terminated, but the new account holder will be eligible to enroll again or be placed on a waitlist depending on whether Community Solar capacity is available at that time.
There is the potential for your Community Solar rate to decrease if additional solar facilities are added to the program at a lower per unit construction cost. All permanent, percentage-based program participants will have the same Community Solar rate, so a rate decrease would be applicable across all Community Solar energy centers.
No. Net metering and qualifying facility tariffs only apply to generation that is connected and installed at a customer's site.
While you are purchasing power produced by the panels, you do not own the panels themselves.
No. There is not a feasible way to direct electricity to a particular property. Electricity is produced and added to the grid. Each electricity user pulls from the grid. This program allows you the option to support an equivalent amount of electricity that you subscribe for to be generated by a Community Solar facility.
Ameren Missouri retires the Renewable Energy Credits on behalf of enrolled customers.
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