LED Street and Outdoor Lighting Replacement Program

Ameren Missouri is always looking for cost-effective opportunities to help our customers save on their utility bills. Based on our ongoing analysis, replacing older technology in company-owned (Rate 5M) street and outdoor lights with LED technology is a cost-effective option that benefits our customers, our company, and the environment. 

Ameren Missouri began replacing company-owned enclosed and open-bottom street and outdoor lights with LED fixtures in April 2016 and is expanding the program to include directional floodlights beginning July 2017. We will replace approximately 140,000 company-owned fixtures during this 5-year initiative. At the end of that time, a majority of company-owned lights will feature LED technology and lighting customers will be saving nearly $2.3 million per year compared to non-LED rates.

Lighting Tariff

Answers to customer questions about the LED program

Ameren Missouri will replace only company-owned enclosed, open-bottom, and directional floodlight street and outdoor lights with LEDs. Company-owned decorative, post-top streetlights are NOT part of this program because they are not a cost-effective solution that benefits all lighting customers. We will continue to study the cost effectiveness of changing out additional fixture types as the LED market evolves in the future. Customer-owned (Rate 6M) lights are also not part of this program.

Bracket Mounted LED Replacement

Directional LED Replacement

Ameren Missouri will replace the older technology with LED lighting during a normal maintenance visit to a light. Normal maintenance includes replacing a burned out or damaged bulb.

Lighting customers can opt to pay a $100 per fixture conversion fee to have a particular fixture(s) converted to LED earlier in Ameren Missouri’s 5-year replacement schedule.

•Customer requests are limited to 25 lights per customer account per calendar year.
•It may be necessary for us to prioritize requests, if requested service dates cannot be accommodated.
 All impacted company-owned street and outdoor lights would be replaced within five years making it less expensive to wait for the replacement program to run its course instead of opting to pay for early conversion to LED fixtures.

Benefits of LEDs

Upgrading to LED technology in street and outdoor lights is good for our customers, good for our company, and good for the environment.

• These LED outdoor lights will save customers money. • Replacing older lighting technology with LEDs is expected to save most customers approximately $1 per month (10 percent) per fixture for the most common bracket mount lights and $2 per month (8%) for the most common directional lights. These reduced rates reflect both lower energy consumption and lower maintenance costs.

•LEDs save energy by using 60-70 percent less energy than older technology.
•LEDs increase service reliability because they are expected to last three times longer than traditional bulbs and will require little maintenance over the first 15 years.
•LEDs help protect the environment by decreasing energy generation and cutting carbon emissions.

 Replacing approximately 140,000 company-owned street and outdoor lights with LED technology is the equivalent to taking more than 6,500 average Missouri homes off the power grid.