Budget Billing

Even out your monthly payments

Budget Billing Example 
Budget Billing is a convenient payment option that allows you to level out seasonal high and low bills throughout the year. Your energy statement amounts from the previous year are divided into 12 equal amounts, which in turn becomes your baseline monthly payment. A review of your Budget Billing amount is completed every 6 months and may be adjusted if your average bill increases by $3 or more. The six month review occurs in May and November.

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You can select either a Rollover or Settlement option with Budget Billing.

With the Rollover option, the difference between the cost of energy used and amount paid on Budget Billing will continuously roll over to the next year.

The Settlement option allows you to "settle up" the difference between the cost of energy used during the previous 12 months and the amount paid on Budget Billing. You may receive a credit or be billed the difference depending on whether you paid more or less than what you actually used.

For all Budget Billing customers, we will review, adjust, or settle up your costs in either May or November depending on when you originally signed up for Budget Billing. Reviews and possible adjustments occur every six months.

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