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Ameren Missouri's Payment Assistance Program

Keeping Current

A payment assistance program that helps make paying your energy bill more affordable. It includes a monthly bill credit, along with help to reduce the total amount you owe.
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Keeping Cool

This program provides up to three bill credits of $25 during summer months. Best suited for seniors, people with disabilities, the chronically ill or households with young children.
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Who can participate?

Residential customers who receive electric service from Ameren Missouri, with income 150% or less of the Federal Poverty Level (see chart below). You must be recommended by a participating Keeping Current agency to receive assistance. Program benefits last for two years. Customers may participate in either program, but not both at the same time. 

Family Size Annual Monthly
1 $18,210 $1,518
2 $24,690 $31,170
3 $31,170 $2,598
4 $37,650 $3,138
5 $44,130 $3,678
6 $50,610 $4,218
7 $57,090 $4,758
8 $63,570 $5,298
For each additional person $6,480
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