Smart Energy Plan

Moving Missouri Forward With Smart Energy

We know you need reliable power now more than ever. Homes have become workplaces, classrooms and so much more. Ameren Missouri, through the Smart Energy Plan, is investing in smart technology, stronger poles and upgraded power lines to help reduce outages and respond faster when they do occur. The Smart Energy Plan is one way we are Powering the Quality of Life now and for the future to benefit Missouri families, businesses and communities.

Power to Do What Matters Most

Stronger than the Storms

When a line of severe storms including an EF-3 tornado went through southeast Missouri in 2021, it caused over 17,000 customer outages throughout the state. Smart Energy Plan investments were critical to the restoration of power across the area. A new sub-transmission line was directly hit by the tornado. The line was installed in 2020 specifically to protect customers from storms and high winds. The composite poles prevented a cascading collapse and failure. While damage did occur, the composite poles were found to be undamaged and only needed to be straightened.

Power was restored in half the time thanks to these new upgrades.

Progress to Date



Upgraded Power Line Miles


Smart Switches


New or Upgraded Substations


Smart Meters

Success Stories

What does the Smart Energy Plan include?

Solar Power

Ameren Missouri is bringing solar power to you. Find a solar program that works for your home or business.

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Wind Power

Ameren Missouri has two state-of-the-art wind energy centers in northern Missouri.

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Smart Meters

With new smart meter technology, you have the power to choose your rates.

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Economic Development

Good jobs are the backbone of strong communities. Thanks to the Smart Energy Plan, companies are expanding and jobs are staying in Missouri.

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