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Ameren Missouri Solar Energy Centers

O'Fallon Renewable Energy Center

The facility began delivering carbon-free energy to our customers in 2014, with a generation capacity of 4.5 megawatts (MW). Our multi-crystalline solar panels span an area approximately the size of 19 football fields, allowing us to collect nearly 8 million kilowatt-hours of energy from the sun’s rays every year. We've continued to invest in the facility by installing smart technology that allows us to operate and monitor the renewable energy center remotely, so we can find and fix problems fast.

Lambert Community Solar Center

The company's first Community Solar energy center is located on land owned by St. Louis Lambert International Airport just west of the airfield near Lindbergh and Missouri Bottom Road. The Community Solar program is a simple solution for customers who want to take part in solar generation without installing solar panels on their home or business, or renters who can't do so. Our program allows eligible customers to subscribe to blocks of a shared solar system at a locked in solar generation charge. This 900-kilowatt (kW) facility began generating clean energy in 2019.

Solar Partnership – BJC HealthCare

In 2019, Ameren Missouri partnered with BJC HealthCare to put 4,500 solar panels on top of a parking garage on its medical campus with a generation capacity of approximately 1.6 MW. The solar installation covers the area of two football fields and is now serving all customers with clean energy. Projects like this solar partnership create benefits for both our customers at large and our project partners. All Ameren Missouri customers win when more renewable energy is added to the grid, offsetting other forms of generation. Our solar project partner, BJC HealthCare, wins by turning unused space into a shaded parking garage for employees that generates clean energy.

South St. Louis Renewable Energy Center

The first installation from Ameren Missouri's Neighborhood Solar program is a parking lot solar canopy in the diverse Dutchtown neighborhood of south St. Louis city. Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis is offering the use of the space so the energy produced there can benefit all Ameren Missouri customers. The 200 kW site began generating energy in 2021. Neighborhood Solar was a program introduced as part of Ameren Missouri's Smart Energy Plan to build small-scale solar owned and financed by Ameren Missouri at neighborhood nonprofits, schools and other community partners. Ameren Missouri and Neighborhood Solar project partners work together to ensure inclusive workforce development and education opportunities. On this project, Aschinger Electric and IBEW Local 1 hired a pre-apprentice electrician from a pool of candidates recommended by Habitat for Humanity.

Montgomery Community Solar Center

When put in service in 2022, this was the largest Ameren Missouri solar energy center at 5.7 MW. It is the second Community Solar facility and was constructed following the support of more than 2,000 customers who wanted to take part in clean energy generation without having to pay high up-front costs to install solar equipment on their own roofs or property, or renters who don't have a solar generation option. The tilt-panel design, a first for Ameren Missouri, allows the panels to follow the sun's trajectory through the day, maximizing the amount of energy captured from the sun.

Cape Girardeau Renewable Energy Center

The largest Neighborhood Solar installation to date at 1.2 megawatts, the 3,500 solar modules will provide enough energy to power more than 130 homes for a year. This facility is located on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University, providing covered parking for the Show Me Center. Construction began in October 2021, and it went into service in July 2022.


Solar panels welcome visitors and co-workers to Ameren's headquarters in St. Louis. Panels are also located on the roof of the building. A variety of panels were installed in 2010, giving the company insight into how the different technologies operate under real-world conditions to better inform future decisions.
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