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Neighborhood Solar Program

Growing Solar Power Across Missouri

All Ameren Missouri customers can now benefit from more safe, reliable, clean energy through the Neighborhood Solar program. As part of Ameren Missouri's Smart Energy Plan, Neighborhood Solar is open to all non-residential Ameren Missouri electric customers who have space for solar panels, including (but not limited to) parking lots, open land or rooftops. 
Ideal partners in the Neighborhood Solar program are institutions, schools, non-profit organizations and other non-residential locations that act as a hub in the community. Ameren Missouri plans to spend at least $14 million on the program. Collaborating with community organizations to host solar generation is one way we are bringing more renewable energy onto the grid to benefit all of our customers.

solar panels with skyscrapers in the background.


While your organization will not see a discount in energy costs, the solar facility can lend a positive brand and/or image to a location, neighborhood or area. It also provides clean, carbon free renewable energy to the grid in the area it is located. Ameren Missouri will own and operate the facility so there is no added cost to the organization.
By participating in Neighborhood Solar, you show your commitment to building clean energy infrastructure. In addition, you contribute to the resiliency of your local energy grid and create learning opportunities for your neighborhood. Depending on the specifics of your site, adding solar may create needed shade for picnic areas or offer your staff the benefits of covered parking.

No, Ameren Missouri will cover all costs associated with installing and maintaining the solar power facility.

Ameren Missouri is looking to spread solar generation across the state in a new way. As part of the Neighborhood Solar program, made possible by a law passed by the Missouri General Assembly in 2018, Ameren Missouri will install solar generation facilities in parking lots, on roofs and in available open spaces across the state. Ideal partners in this program are non-profit organizations, schools, institutions or other non-residential locations that act as a gathering spot in the community. Bringing energy generation closer into neighborhoods is beneficial for both technical and economic reasons. It benefits customers by reducing system costs and increases energy grid reliability and efficiency. In addition, the program will increase awareness of solar energy at the local level and create workforce development and educational opportunities.
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