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Community Solar

Take part in solar energy generation without installing a single solar panel.

Latest Update: Expansion of the Community Solar program is on track, and we are now planning the construction of an additional 2 MW solar facility. The video above shows the construction from start to finish for the first Community Solar facility, located at Lambert Airport.


The Community Solar program is fully subscribed but continuing to accept new subscription requests. Sign up below to be part of our upcoming 2 MW solar facility.


Community Solar is a simple solution for customers who want to take part in solar generation. Nothing is installed on a customer's roof and experts at Ameren Missouri take care of maintaining the solar panels. It's easy and accessible for virtually everyone; homeowners, renters and small businesses. Only customers who sign up for the program pay the cost of installing this new solar generation facility. 

Construction of a one megawatt solar energy generation facility was completed in August 2019 at St. Louis Lambert International Airport, an ideal location for solar panels with an abundance of open land that would otherwise go unused. Panels were positioned away from runways and out of the line-of-sight of pilots taking off or coming in for a landing.

How Community Solar Works

  • The subscription program is open to all residential and small business customers
  • Interested customers who qualify can sign up for 100 kilowatt-hour blocks of solar energy
  • Each block replaces 100 kWh of energy from your normal bill
  • Customers can subscribe to up to half of their average usage over the past 12 months
  • A limited number of blocks will be made available
  • Once the program is fully subscribed, construction of the solar facility will begin at Lambert International Airport
  • Solar generation could start as soon as next spring, billing will begin when generation begins
  • It's easy to enroll from a desktop computer. You'll need an online account to complete the process

*Both Community Solar and Pure Power are voluntary, renewable energy programs offered by Ameren Missouri. Find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Community Solar is an increasingly popular option for deploying solar technology. Our Community Solar program allows eligible customers who do not have a sufficient solar resource, who rent their homes, or who are otherwise unable or unwilling to install solar on their residences or commercial buildings, to subscribe to blocks of a shared solar system at a predetermined rate. No rooftop is needed.
Community Solar offers Ameren Missouri customers a new choice to help add solar generation to the electric grid. Community Solar is convenient. The power generation portion of customers’ bills will be locked in and will not be subject to future rate increases during the duration of their subscription. Transmission and distribution costs continue to be subject to future rate changes.
A block of solar energy is equivalent to 100 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of power. The amount of blocks you can purchase is limited to one half of the average of your monthly usage based on the last 12 months of billing. For example, if your average monthly usage for the last 12 months is 1,300 kWh, then you may purchase six (6) – 100 kWh blocks of solar energy.
A subscriber may increase your solar energy blocks at any time if there are blocks available. If there are no blocks available, you will join the wait list for more blocks. Prior to the Community Solar energy center being committed to construction, you can adjust your blocks up or down or cancel completely. Once the Community Solar energy center is committed to construction, you can adjust your blocks up or down as long as you are subscribed to a minimum of one (1) – 100 kWh block.

Each subscribed block of solar energy through the Community Solar program will be billed at the Community Solar rate each month. This is the number of blocks enrolled times 100 kWh times $.1395/kWh (Community Solar Rate). This will be a separate line item on your monthly energy statement as shown above.

The same amount of kWh (number of blocks enrolled times 100 kWh) will be deducted from your regular rate. For example, if you are enrolled in 3 blocks of Community Solar and your current monthly usage is 990 kWh you will be billed 3 blocks x 100 kWh/block x $.1395/kWh (Community Solar rate) = $41.85 plus your regular energy rate times (900 kWh-300 kWh) plus other applicable charges.

If you would like more information about statement charges, visit the Understanding Your Statement page.

To sign up, log in to your Ameren Missouri online account (or create an online account if you don't have one), go to www.ameren.com/CommunitySolar or call (800) 552-7583.
The portion of your bill that is not associated with Community Solar (Total Facilities Charge) would continue to be subject to electric rate increases. The Community Solar Generation portion of your bill would be protected by the rate associated with the Community Solar tariff.
The cost of Community Solar will be an addition to your bill, it will only be a cost savings if at some point in the future the regular Ameren Missouri rate increases above the Community Solar rate.  The cost or savings can be calculated by calculating the difference between the regular rate and the community solar rate and multiplying by 100 kWh times the number of blocks purchased.
If a subscriber cancels their enrollment before the plant is committed to construction, or if a subscribers committed blocks are moved to a community solar plant where the program participation fee is already satisfied due to another customer dropping their blocks after commitment to construction.
Ameren Missouri claims the environmental benefits of this Community Solar project.
No. There is not a feasible way to direct electricity to a particular property. Electricity is produced and added to the grid.  Each electricity user pulls from the grid.
No, you do not own community solar panels. You are purchasing blocks of power.
No, you do not own the renewable energy credits for your portion of this solar project.

Community solar allows eligible customers to purchase energy associated with a solar installation in the Ameren Missouri service territory.  Pure Power allows customers to purchase Renewable Energy Credits that support the development of renewable resources in the Midwest. Community Solar customers can offset up to half of their average usage with 100 kWh blocks of renewable energy that offset equivalent energy on their monthly energy statement at a cost per kwh of $.1395.  There is also a $25/block participation fee and a 2 year commitment if no one is available to take your place in the program. Pure Power customers can purchase Renewable Energy Credits to cover up to all of their usage at a cost of $.01/kWh. There is no participation fee and customers can cancel at any time.

No, to be eligible for this tax credit, you must do a direct install on your property. You are purchasing blocks from a community project.
If you move out of the Ameren Missouri territory, you are not obligated to fulfill the contract period.  If you move within the Ameren Missouri territory, your contract will follow you to your new residence.
No. Ameren Missouri Net Metering and co-generation customers cannot participate in the Ameren Missouri Community Solar program.
You will be placed on a wait list until solar energy blocks become available. At that time you will be automatically enrolled up to the number of blocks you requested and you will receive an e-mail notifying you of the change.
No, the customers who subscribe to Ameren Missouri Community Solar are paying the cost of the program.
The $25/participation fee is a contribution in aid of construction fee. It will be used to defray some of the costs of building the solar plant. The targeted amount is $25 times the number of blocks available. Once the total number of blocks are subscribed the $/kWh price of the blocks will be set and no more aid of construction fees will be required. The construction of the Community Solar plant will not commence until there is a sufficient number of participants committed to build the plant.
There is a 24 -month minimum commitment for at least one (1) - 100 kilowatt-hour (kWh) block of solar energy once the Community Solar energy center is committed to construction. The 24-month commitment period begins with the first energy statement that includes the energy charge for Community Solar. Prior to the Community Solar energy center being committed to construction, you can adjust your blocks up or down or cancel completely. Once the Community Solar energy center begins construction, you can adjust your blocks up or down as long as you are subscribed to a minimum of one (1) – 100 kWh block. You are unable to cancel your entire subscription unless there is a person on the waiting list to take your place, or you move out of the Ameren Missouri service territory.
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