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Community Solar

Take part in solar energy generation without installing a single solar panel.

Make the Switch to Solar

Take part in solar energy generation without installing a single solar panel.

Community Solar is Expanding

Thanks to ongoing customer support, Ameren Missouri is now proposing a second Community Solar facility to the Missouri Public Service Commission for approval. This will greatly increase the program size and allow more customers to subscribe with approximately 7,800 additional solar blocks potentially becoming available.

Through the Community Solar program, customers can sign up now to get on the waiting list to purchase 100 kilowatt-hour blocks of solar energy generated at Ameren Missouri’s Community Solar facilities. No matter when a subscriber joins the program, everyone's price will be the same. Stay tuned for more details this summer.

Watch the video to see the construction of the first Community Solar facility.

What Is Community Solar? 

Community Solar is a simple, subscriber-based solution for customers who want to take part in solar generation but are not looking to install solar panels on their home or business. It's easy and accessible for virtually everyone; homeowners, renters and small businesses. Customers who sign up for the program pay the cost of installing the solar generation facility. The experts at Ameren Missouri will take care of the rest. 

How Does Community Solar Work? 

  • The subscription program is open to all residential and small business customers. 
  • Customers can subscribe to up to half of their past 12 months average usage.
  • A limited number of solar blocks will be made available as more megawatts are added. 
  • When all blocks are taken, customers are added to a waitlist and will have first priority when more blocks are added. 
  • It's easy to enroll from a desktop computer. You'll need an online account with Ameren Missouri to complete the process.  
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