Mark Twain Transmission Project

Ameren Transmission Company of Illinois (ATXI) is pleased to announce we have completed and energized the Mark Twain Transmission Project, a 96-mile, 345 kV transmission line and substation located in northeast Missouri. The project was placed into service as expected on Dec.19, 2019. The project strengthens energy grid reliability and provides greater access to renewable energy sources for Missouri families and businesses. The Mark Twain Transmission Project has helped enable wind projects under development in Missouri that will provide lower cost energy to the grid, allowing the benefits of this project to far exceed the project costs.

Project benefits include:

  • Improved electric system reliability
  • Improved access to renewable sources of energy, including wind
  • Improved transmission capacity
  • Regional and local growth in northeast Missouri
  • New annual tax revenue to northeast Missouri to support communities in the five counties where the line will be located

The Mark Twain Transmission Project is directly aligned with our strategic goals of providing customers with clean, reliable and affordable energy.

Over the past several years, we have worked hard to engage the public and local leaders prior to construction during a series of open houses and meetings. We listened to you and have gained knowledge through your valuable insight. Our goal was to keep all those interested involved and maintain communication every step of the way before, during and after construction. The Mark Twain Transmission Project is successful due to the continued support, collaboration and engagement of the communities, landowners, Northeast Missouri Electric Cooperative and our contract partners. We are grateful and would like to extend our appreciation for the cooperation in planning, designing and construction of the project. Thank you for helping us to Power the Quality of Life to our customers.

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