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Real Estate Process

Ameren Transmission Company of Illinois (ATXI) will continue to work with property owners, county officials, local communities and other stakeholders as this important project progresses. If your property is located on the approved route, you will be contacted by a member of Contract Land Staff (CLS). CLS has been hired by ATXI to assist with landowner contacts related to real estate matters.

Construction of the project has begun with a targeted in-service date of December 2019.

If you have questions about the project, please contact us via the toll-free number or email address provided on the right.

When we build a new transmission line it is necessary to secure an easement for the new line. Here are the key points:

  • After receiving approval from the Missouri Public Service Commission (PSC) to build the Mark Twain Transmission Project, we begin contacting landowners along the approved route. Letters are mailed to landowners requesting a meeting to discuss project details, which will include property rights needed, proposed easement location, compensation and property access.
  • We will request access to the property for the purposes of land surveys and land studies. With this information, multiple documents will be completed, including: Property surveys Environmental surveys Cultural studies Soil condition studies to help determine the depth and design of the foundations that will support the steel poles
  • The easement width for this project will be 150 feet and co-locate on nearly 100 percent of existing right of way. Landowners will retain full use and ownership of the property within the easement, though structures may not be built or trees planted within (or that would encroach upon) the easement.
  • In some cases, we may request additional agreements from landowners to facilitate access to the transmission line construction or to temporarily stage materials. Landowners will be compensated for these additional agreements.
  • At the end of construction we will restore property as close as practicable to its preconstruction condition. Landowners will be compensated for crop loss, field compaction and other damages caused by construction of the transmission line.

If you are a landowner and have questions about the project, real estate, survey work or construction, please contact ATXI's real estate contractor, Contract Land Staff (CLS), at 1.877.830.3440.

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