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Payment Agreements

If you owe for past due service, you may have the opportunity to make an arrangement with Ameren Missouri and avoid disconnection of your utility service. Our online payment assistance tool provides eligible payment assistance options based on your account status.


A Deferred Payment Agreement is a long-term installment payment option on active accounts for outstanding balances or for customers who need more time to pay a balance.
The full amount due must be received by your bill's due date to avoid default. The Payment Agreement will default if the payment is not received on time, including both the full amount of the current bill and the full amount of the installment.
No, a Deferred Payment Agreement is installments to pay off a past due balance. Budget Billing is a free billing option that levels out your energy spending. More about Budget Billing.
Deposits are not included in a Deferred Payment Agreement and will be billed separately.
During Cold Weather Rule, if eligible, an account can be set up on a Deferred Payment Agreement once the minimum amount for reconnection is received. During Non-cold Weather Rule, you will need to pay your full past due balance before an agreement can be made.
Yes, if you have not previously had an agreement on that final bill, or if you do not have another active account.
Yes, if you no longer want/need the Payment Agreement, you are able to cancel it.
No, you would need to contact the Credit Department for options. You may reach our Credit Department by calling 800.906.4380 between 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday - Friday.
How will I know the amount to pay?
The Deferred Payment Agreement amount will automatically be included in your bill each month, so the total amount due on your bill is what is needed to remain on the payment agreement.

How do I determine how much I still owe?
A line item on your bill will show the amount remaining on your payment agreement, as well as the number of installments remaining.
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