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Renewable Choice Program

Increasing Renewable Energy in Missouri

The Renewable Choice Program is an innovative, new way to help large commercial and industrial customers as well as municipalities of any size reach their clean energy goals.

This first-of-its-kind program in the state is a way for eligible customers to receive up to 100 percent of their energy from clean, renewable resources. Interested customers should fill out the program interest form to stay up to date on developments.

Customers across Missouri are looking for more choices, control and greater flexibility and this program is one of the ways Ameren Missouri is meeting those needs.

The Renewable Choice Program is subject to customer demand and available renewable energy supply. In connection with the addition of any owned or procured renewable energy sources supporting the program, Ameren Missouri will be required to obtain separate PSC approval and acceptable interconnection agreements, as applicable.

The Renewable Choice Program is a new, innovative way to increase renewable energy in Missouri. It is designed to help eligible customers meet their renewable energy and sustainability goals. Under terms of the program, up to 400 megawatts (MW) of new, renewable energy will be made available for program participants.
The program is designed to provide customers with an aggregate load of 2.5 MW or greater, or governmental entities of any size, the opportunity to purchase renewable energy for their Missouri operations. Residential or Small General Service customers that are not eligible for the program may access renewable energy through Ameren Missouri's Community Solar or Pure Power Programs.
For non-government customers, those currently served under the Large General Service Rate 3 (M), Small Primary Service Rate 4 (M), or Large Primary Service Rate 11 (M) service classification and that have an aggregate electric load of at least 2.5 MW, based upon annual billing demand may participate. Rate classes are indicated on your monthly energy statement. Governmental entities of any size may participate.
Customers can request up to 100 percent of their energy from clean, renewable resources. Based on availability, customers have the choice to purchase as little or as much of their energy use through the program as they prefer.
The program will be powered by wind energy developed specifically for program participants. Customers will not have multiple options for sourcing renewable energy under the program.
Ameren Missouri will solicit bids from wind developers to build and/or purchase up to 400 MW of new renewable energy for the program. Ameren Missouri is authorized to own wind facilities for up to half of that total. The remaining will be filled by power purchase agreements.
All else being equal, Ameren Missouri will exercise a preference for wind resources in the state of Missouri. However, the locations of wind facilities used for the program will be determined based on the selected wind developers’ bids.
We anticipate high demand for the program based on preliminary discussions across the Ameren Missouri service territory. The current plan is for 400 MW. A second program could be considered if there is enough demand.
Once a project providing wind energy under the program is operational, Ameren Missouri will post to this site a listing of the customers whose subscription support made the project possible. Customers who prefer to remain anonymous may request exclusion from being listed on the website.
The level of interest is being used to determine how much renewable energy will be needed under the program. All interested customers are being asked to complete a program interest form, which is a necessary step in becoming part of the program.
Every customer that is interested in participating in the program must complete a program interest form (a non-binding commitment). Once the pricing has been confirmed, customers who have provided a non-binding commitment will be the first to have the opportunity to review the pricing and participate in the program by signing a service agreement. If there is more interest beyond the 400 MW level, customers will join on a first-come, first-served basis, based upon their return of a signed service agreement in the program. Future programs could be considered if there is enough demand.
The initial contract will be for 15 years, although if sufficient customer interest is expressed in shorter terms, Ameren Missouri will explore the feasibility of entering into agreements with terms of five or 10 years. Shorter term offerings under the program are subject to market availability and pricing.
RECs will be retired by Ameren Missouri on behalf of the customer with the North American Renewables Registry™ (NAR). RECs can also be transferred to the customer's NAR account at the customer's request. In that scenario, the customer may report under any such program that the RECs transferred belong to the customer.
A customer with multiple locations is allowed to aggregate the billing demand from multiple accounts to reach the 2.5 MW threshold. Customers should reference all potential accounts to enroll on the program interest form.
Yes, if your organization meets all eligibility requirements, including a net load of 2.5 MW.
Customers who sign a service agreement can still participate under those terms if the new location is within the Ameren Missouri service territory and continues to meet all eligibility requirements.
Customers may transfer the agreement to another eligible customer within the Ameren Missouri service territory that is not participating in the program or that would like to increase participation in the program. If the agreement cannot be transferred, a termination fee may apply.
The termination fee is based on the last 12 months of charges incurred by the customer under the program. The average monthly charge experienced over that period would be assessed for the number of months remaining in the term of the customer's commitment. For example, if for the last 12 months, a customer had incurred total charges of $1,000 under the program, and 5 years of program term remained at the time of termination, the termination fee would be $5,000. If the prior year resulted in net credits to the customer, the termination fee is zero.
No. You will continue to be responsible for any Renewable Choice Program charges incurred along with the rest of your energy statement.
Any customer who terminates participation in the program must wait 36 months after the first billing cycle following termination to re-enroll.
Should any disputes arise, most will be handled through normal negotiations. Any remaining disagreements may be brought to the Missouri Public Service Commission.
When a project is identified to meet interested customers' demand, a not-to-exceed price will be published based on the expected costs of that project. Customers will base their commitment decisions on this price, which will allow them the opportunity to evaluate the costs and benefits of participation before committing to the program. When the project is completed, the final price, which will be equal to or lower than the not-to-exceed price, will be calculated, subject to review and approval by the Missouri Public Service Commission, and reflected in tariffs filed with the Commission.
Energy purchased through the Renewable Choice Program will appear as a separate line item on your energy bill. The line item could be a credit or an additional charge, depending upon the market value of the renewable energy.
The company's established rate for energy will still be subject to regulatory rate reviews. Through the Renewable Choice Program, the customer's total bill may rise or fall based on the program's final cost and the market value of the renewable energy.
The price of the renewable energy is locked in for the entire contractual term, but the costs are offset by a credit to purchasers that reflects the market value of the renewable energy. Since future market prices are unknown, customers choosing to enroll should understand that the overall charge or credit associated with participation in the program may fluctuate over time. Customers should consider their risk tolerance before deciding to enroll.
If there is more demand than supply, customers will join the program in the order in which Ameren Missouri receives signed service agreements. Future programs could be considered if there is enough demand.
Customers who submit a completed program interest form are expressing interest in participation subject to the final terms, primarily price. Once Ameren Missouri communicates final price and other terms to those customers, the program will be activated on a first-come, first-served basis, based upon the receipt of signed service agreements.
Under the agreement approved by the Missouri Public Service Commission, eligible customers will have at least 30 days from the posting of this document on Ameren Missouri's website to complete a program interest form. Ameren Missouri will then go to the market to seek and solicit information about new renewable assets, which could take several months. Ameren Missouri will post updates on its website AmerenMissouri.com/RenewableChoice.
We will remain in communication with customers who have filled out a program interest form.
No. Ameren Missouri cannot advise customers about future price forecasts. There are a variety of companies as well as academic researchers who specialize in this area. We suggest consulting with a trusted advisor prior to receiving a service agreement in order to make an informed decision about whether to participate.
Send an email to RenewableChoice@ameren.com with contact information and the nature of your inquiry and a representative will contact you within two business days. More is also available at AmerenMissouri.com/RenewableChoice.
The company's established rate for energy will still be subject to regulatory rate reviews. Through the Renewable Choice Program, the customer's total bill may rise or fall based on the program's final cost and the market value of the renewable energy.
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