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Neighborhood Solar Program

Growing Solar Power Across Missouri

Neighborhood Solar was a program introduced as part of Ameren Missouri's Smart Energy Plan to build small-scale solar owned and financed by Ameren Missouri at neighborhood nonprofits, schools and other community partners. These sites provide clean energy to the grid while also serving as hubs of renewable workforce development and solar education across our service territory.

The program was one way Ameren Missouri is delivering on a commitment to support renewable development in diverse communities.

Solar panels in a field.


Thanks to the enthusiastic interest of site partners across our region, the program is now closed to new applications. There may be future opportunities for funding as Ameren Missouri's Smart Energy Plan continues.

There are many ways Neighborhood Solar is benefiting communities in Ameren Missouri's service territory, from workforce development to grid resiliency to environmental benefits. By investing more than $14 million in renewable energy projects within neighborhoods where our customers live, work and play, Ameren Missouri is making renewable energy visible, accessible, and providing it as a local amenity, complete with shaded parking and LED lighting.

In addition, Ameren Missouri provided job and training opportunities to members of the local community where we were building. This provided valuable experience and equitable career access in the growing field of renewable energy installation.

Finally, Ameren Missouri's site selection supported environmental justice by adding clean energy to the grid in historically underserved areas or affected by the urban heat island effect. We understand the value of conscious investment during the clean energy transition that corrects historical environmental injustices.

The Neighborhood Solar site partners are key to the success of this program by providing a connection to the community and a location for the solar installation. Ameren Missouri supports its site partners by covering all costs associated with installing and maintaining the solar energy facility.
As part of moving Missouri forward with smart energy, we looked at innovative ways to make use of otherwise underutilized space to increase clean energy generation in the communities we serve. Creating solar canopies on parking lots made sense because it would bring energy generation closer to neighborhoods. Sites were selected based on numerous criteria, including their location in historically underserved communities. From a community perspective, the construction also brought workforce development and educational opportunities. The installations support increased grid reliability and efficiency while reducing system costs, both of which benefit customers.
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