Natural Gas

Resources to Help You Complete Your Project

A Construction Supervisor will be dedicated to your project to ensure the construction is completed in accordance with all rules and regulations.

Gas Service Installation 

Excess Flow Valves 

Gas Project Checklist

A Typical Gas Meter Installation 

A. Regulator

B. Meter Bar

C. Customer Piping

D. Gas Meter

E. Meter Valve, Tracer Wire, Bracket

Avoid These Common Installation Mistakes

buried gas meter value photo 200 x 200

DO NOT bury the gas meter valve. 

Unfinished level block zone photo

A - DO NOT grade to unfinished level - grade must be within 6" of the final grade. 

B - DO NOT block the construction zone.

C - DO NOT disturb locates. 

Incorrect clearance 200 x 200

DO NOT crowd equipment. There is inadequate clearance between the gas service and electric meter. The electric meter is classified as an ignition source. A minimum of 3 feet is required between an ignition source and a gas regulator relief vent. 

natural gas toolkit

DO NOT install Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) through an exterior wall. Nor can it be used for exterior gas piping. 

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