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Downloadable Applications & Resources

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Incentives are paid on a per unit-installed basis and are available for a variety of qualified improvements. All standard lighting measures require pre-approval.


Custom Incentives are calculated based on the projected annual energy reduction. These Incentives require pre-approval before equipment purchase or installation.


These incentives must be pre-approved prior to the Design Phase of the project.

Note: The Ameren Missouri BizSavers Program offers incentives for New Construction projects through our Custom program. Customers must submit a preliminary application prior to the design phase of the project in order to be eligible.



Customers must be classified under the Ameren Missouri 2M Small General Service electric rate category (PDF) to be eligible for the Small Business Direct Install Program (Identified on your monthly energy statement under the Details section); Small Business Direct Install Program Incentives are capped at $5,000 per customer; however, your business may qualify for additional incentive dollars through another BizSavers incentive program.


Customers must be classified under the Ameren Missouri Small General Service (2M) or Large General Service (3M) electric rate class and also be a public 501c(3) non-profit tax exempt facility. Customers must use an approved BSS Service Provider to purchase and install eligible equipment, and all applications must be submitted to the program office by the approved Service Provider.

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